twisting square weave paracord 550

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So, today I went out and bought 150 feet of 550 paracord. What do I do now with all of it? (Links are appreciated, hint, hint. ;))
^ I just made a sling for my Mossberg 500 with paracord. Took 75 feet twisting square weave paracord 550 and about 3 hours to do. Best sling I have. Edit: Its also a heck of a lot cheaper to weave it .
Originally Posted by FullContactGEEK Thanks. The one book that is probably the . Hang on; I have that book. With all respect to Mrs/Ms Reily, I've found more useful .
550 Paracord Videos 1. Rope has so many uses outdoors. Some cord is better survival than others.
550 cord bracelets |
I wanted to make a lanyard for my every-day-carry knife and flashlight. I used grey and black 550 paracord to match the colors of the knife blade (black .
Follow these simple to read guides to weave your own ParaCord Lanyards. Please email us if these guides are not clear, and we will twisting square weave paracord 550 be happy to help.
This is basically a fast rope but i use it to store and carry all lengths of paracord. It is an awsome method. Easy and fast to undo if in a hurry too. If .
I used the snake knot to make these paracord crosses. It's just another alternative to using the round or square sinnets for the other paracord crosses I've posted .
King Cobra Bracelet with curved side-release buckle (ITW Nexus). Inner cobra knot is full cord, but. Some rights
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